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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Soviet Russia, You Beat Police | Hilarious Funny Pictures

In Soviet Russia, You Beat Police
In Soviet Russia, You Beat Police


Mihail said...

Engin slík í Rússlandi, ég hef ekki séð.
oft hefur hið gagnstæða gerist

нет такого в россии я не видел.
чаще у нас бывает наоборот

No such in Russia, I have not seen.
often have the opposite happens

kouroshfreedomfighter said...

I have seen same thing in iran when they disarmed the violent Riot police it's not fair to judge the people and show sympathies to the riot police they are well paid to show no mercy to barehanded opposition demonstrators who just want to get their natural rights in fully dictatorship countries such as iran and Russia however I do not support violence at all but you most be fair

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